Mesa View Estates eNews for March 29, 2012

BEWARE: Fence Cleaning Notice is NOT from the HOA - may be a scam

Some residents have found a "Notice to Residents" taped to their door about fence cleaning. Please note that this is NOT from the Mesa View HOA. It is purely a solicitation by a company falsely claiming BBB membership and may even be a scam. Solication is not permitted within the Estates and we encourage you not to do business with such solicitors as it only encourages them, and may be to your detriment if they are unscrupulous.

The fact that this flyer claims the company is listed with the Better Business Bureau when an online search with the BBB finds no such listing, that there is no such business found searching Google for it by name, that the phone number given is registered to a cell phone rather than a known business, and that the notice appears intended to deceive should all be red flags.

Please be careful when dealing with any door-to-door solicitor.

Further, if you see the person who is taping these notices on doors please call the Jeffco Sheriff at 303-277-0211 so they can come check out the solicitor and ask them to leave the neighborhood.