Mesa View Estates eNews for March 9, 2012

Lots of Little Notes today: Sheriff's Neighborhood Meeting / MVE Bowling Night / Hide those Trash Cans / Roof and Paint Approvals / No Soliciting Sign / More...

Two separate events next week and a reminder to keep trash cans in your garage:

1) The Jeffco Sheriff cordially invites you to a community meeting for residents of Mesa View and neighboring communities 6:00PM March 15 at the Fairgrounds. (Doors open at 5:30.) The meeting is to discuss the recent rise in property crimes in the area (residential burglaries, stolen vehicles, and trespasses to vehicles), what the Sheriff has been doing in response, explain what you can do to avoid becoming a victim, and answer your questions. There will also be presentations about personal and child safety, and home security providers will be on-site for those who want to talk with them. We look forward to seeing you all there.

We would like to get an estimate of how many will be attending, especially for the children's program. Please contact Amy at AACM know at 303-233-4646 / if you plan to attend.

For those who can't attend, some of the important steps you can take are to keep your garage door closed (and lock doors from the garage into the house, as well as side doors into the garage); and to keep your cars locked (they report that, contrary to the common "it doesn't matter if I lock my car, they'll just break the window" myth, no cars in the area have had windows broken, and the only thefts from cars were from those that were unlocked; cars that were stolen were unlocked and with keys inside). They also suggest everyone should keep a friendly eye on your neighbors' garage doors and alert them if you see their garage doors open (since they may think them closed). Jeffco wants to reiterate how the recent crimes have almost all been crimes of opportunity, and how you should be careful not to offer up that opportunity with such simple steps as closed and locked doors.

The Sheriff also reported to the Mesa View Board the other day that they are in the process of cracking a car-theft ring that has been operating in the area as well — good job on them! And the Board discussed that there are now apps for smartphones/ipads/etc. you can use to monitor and remotely open/close your garage doors. So

2) 1st Annual Mesa Bowls — March 16th at Golden Bowl! We are planning a fun evening of bowling for Mesa View Families on March 16th @ 6pm. Gather your teams, kids & adults and meet us at Golden Bowl. They have room for 200, so sign up now for this free event. Two hours of bowling, two pizzas and a pitcher of soda or beer will be provided for a party of five. After two hours you're on your own dime.

We will need an approximate head count for this fun event, so sign up on our website or call Amy at ACM at 303-233-4646 or Please let us know by March 12th. We hope to see you there!

3) Just a reminder that all trash cans must be kept in your garage or behind a fence except on trash day. If you have received the new trash bins and find they don't fit in your garage, you can not store them in front of your garage doors, etc., and please be advised that having them in view is a covenant violation, as it always has been. If you can't stash them away in your garage and no longer want them, please contact Cici or Amy at ACM to have the trash company remove them for you.

Also, the trash company thinks it has now delivered trash / recycle bins to all those who requested them, so if you haven't received what you wanted, please let Cici know.

4) It's spring and time for house painting, roofing, etc., so please remember that you must get HOA approval for all new roofs, house painting (unless you're repainting the existing colors), landscaping, or any other exterior modifications. All roof vents must also be painted to match the roof color. The ARC approval form is online here for your convenience.

5) Miss Doggie Manners reminds all pet owners that all dogs must be kept on a leash when not secured on your property. This includes open space areas. Some unleashed dogs have resulted in injuries to the animals (hit by cars) and frightened adults and children. The Jefferson County regulations state there is a leash law in Jefferson County and violations could result in fines.

There are also noise nuisance regulations in Jeffco and in your covenants, so please be sure you aren't causing loud noises that your neighbors can hear such as dogs barking outside, training whistles, etc.

6) The "No Soliciting" sign at the entry is back by popular demand! Please do not patronize door to door solicitors, as it only encourages them. Owners have had troubles with solicitors and some are believed to be checking to see who's home for possible future break-ins.

Solicitation is not encouraged within Mesa View Estates for these and other reasons - no one wants to be bothered by a salesperson when they are trying to relax with family at home.

Please do not purchase goods from solicitors, and feel free to point out to them the existence of the No Soliciting sign at the entry. Be sure to report any suspicious solicitors to the Sheriff; while they can't remove them, they will come and check them out to be sure they are legitimate.

7) Easter Egg Stuffing Helpers Needed

The Easter Bunny needs help stuffing those thousands of eggs. If you would like your Girl Scout or other group to help, please give Amy a call at 303-233-4646.

The Spring Fling and Easter Egg Hunt is 1:00PM on April 7th. (Also be sure to mark your calendars for Turtlefest 2012 on August 12th! Two Splash pool events are also in the works for this summer, so watch for info.)

Enjoy the Spring and please be safe out there!